• First volume of international interviews. Published by HESTIA-INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS FOR CULTURE (Athens 1992).
    The book was translated into Serbian, English and Romanian.
  • A Lidorikis Journalism exhibition, “I spoke with Personalities of our Century” held in many cities of Greece. (Athens, Patras, Thessaloniki, Irakleio, Kerkyra, Zakynthos, Rodos)
  • Establishment of the “Alekos Lidorikis Journalism Excellence Award”, given by the University of Athens, first awarding – 1998, second awarding – 2000, third awarding – 2003.
  • “France: War and Theater”, the Alekos Lidorikis interviews with intellectual and artistic personalities in Paris during the years 1939-1940, published by KASTANIOTIS Editions. (Athens 2000)
  • “Pre-war Egypt and the Greeks”. Publication of A.L.’s journalistic expedition to Egypt in 1938. KASTANIOTIS Editions (Athens 2005)
  • Digital Library of the Alekos Lidorikis Archive, a project funded by the European Community Program “Information Society” (Athens 2009)
  • In cooperation with the National Council for Music of UNESCO, commemorating events on the 100th anniversary since Dimitris Mitropoulos’ birth, held both in Greece and abroad (Athens 1996).
  • Concerts held celebrating the great Greek maestro in the USA, Great Britain, Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Israel, Russia, Bulgaria, Romania, Albania, Turkey, FYROM, Yugoslavia and Cyprus. (1996)
  • Theatre’s Passion, published by KASTANIOTIS Editions, (Athens 2002)