Today’s world is characterized by devastating change. The borders between the European states are gradually disintegrating. Though Greece traditionally was considered as the cradle of civilization for centuries, today, the country is not living up to this reputation due to a variety of reasons. Our organization, as its title discloses, sincerely believes in intercultural cooperation and dialogue. We believe that culture should circulate among all the member-states of the European Union and beyond, for the whole world to enjoy.

One of the sectors of our activity is the recording and registration of our cultural tradition. This will allow facts and data to become easily accessible and useful to researchers and will promote further development of every facet of the arts. In our effort to achieve this goal, much of our work deals with the valuable and unique personal archives of people distinguished for their work in the 20th century:

The theatrical and reporting (journalism) archives “Alekos Lidorikis”; the journalism material, in particular, will form the nucleus for the creation of the Greek Journalism Archives.

The personal archives of actor and director Kostas Mousouris, as well as the archives of his theater in Athens.

The personal archives of Odysseas Dimitriadis, composer and musical conductor of the Bolshoi Theater in Moscow.

Other basic sectors of our organization’s activities are: the constant supervision and undertaking of the translation of cultural texts of our writers, both older ones, but also more recent ones; the promotion of cultural activity within the European Union along the axes of the Environment, Education and Tourism.